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Brian Barker MiBC, SFEDI —Proprietor


Brian worked from early 1999 on contract as a Property Manager and Business Adviser, as well as undertaking demand and feasibility work for a variety of projects.  Working closely with EEDA, NWES, WDC, GYBC and SCC he successfully helped develop and managed several successful Business Centres in the Eastern Region, including Beacon Innovation Centre, Riverside Business Centre, North East Suffolk Business Centre, Lowestoft Enterprise Park and the Shaw Trust Building.

Brian is  a Mentor with the Princes Trust, a member of the Business Centres Association, and is a member of the Institute of Business Consultants, advising over 900 businesses and engaging in over 360 hours of Continual Professional Development training up until the end of 2007, including a distinction in the full  SFEDI  assessment.

Brian has operated his own consultancy company, Heimdal Consultants, since 1986, and Valuflight Travel since 1992, in addition to being a partner and Director of Xtrapreneurs Limited from 2005.

Other consultants working with Heimdal include architects, engineers, accountants, land and building surveyors. Heimdal can also call  upon business advisers and trainers to assist in business support programs.

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